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Chaoying--make each product consistent with standard
More than 10 years of experience
Powerful achievements of you and me Dongguan Chaoying Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is development, production and sales of professional manufacturers of micro-motor, the company received 32 patents, of which 9 and 3 invention patents of utility model patent.
Advanced production equipment
Excellent technical personnel Company has a bridgehead of Metamaterials in Dongguan, Changping meta and Chonnam Super Asia production base in Jiangxi province, Taiwan, Shanghai, with offices, using a variety of automated production equipment.
Product diversity
Wide range of applications Our main products are 8 series: Micro Coreless Motor, Precision Coreless Motor, Out-Rotor Brushless Motor, Inner-Rotor Brushless Motor, DC Core Motor, Geared Motor, Flat Motor, Series Motor. Products are widely used in automobile and other types of equipment.
Strong technology
A huge market Company with a number of Technology Research Institute, the Engineering Institute, group form strategic partnerships, products in addition to cities in China, more than 20 domestic provinces and sold to Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asia and other places.
Foreign quality
Domestic prices The motor casings and gear parts of excellent quality material outside the domestic prices – creating value focusing on high quality-high consistency, high stability, high reliability.
One-stop services
The safe choice for you 1-on-1 exclusive services. Handling of customer orders within 24 hours of order. Customer inquiries, feedback within 24 hours well, Dongguan surrounding area rushed to the scene within 3 hours. 3 days to produce results.
About us
Dongguan Chaoying Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in March 2004, is a professional development and production of micro-motor manufacturers, the company headquarters is located in Qiaotou Town, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province. Registered capital: RMB 13 million Yuan, a total investment of RMB 30 million Yuan......

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